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Appointment Management Digitalization

Forget about phone calls and old agendas. Manage all your appointments in an organized and efficient way from a single control panel.

Simplified Online Presence

Create a unique and customized profile with your own link, highlighting your skills, services, languages, and availability hours.

Use your ICAB or Google Workspace email

Simplified login for lawyers through the ICAB account, ensuring the accuracy of their professional profile.

Automate Communications

Receive and notify your clients with automatic emails about new appointment requests, changes, or cancellations.

Get New Clients

Increase your visibility and attract clients looking for online legal services. Don't fall behind and take advantage of the digital revolution to expand your clientele!

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Search for lawyers by city and specialty, making it easier to find the right professional for your needs.

Price Transparency

Know the price of the appointment in advance, avoiding surprises and allowing better planning.

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Request an appointment with the lawyer that best suits your needs, quickly and easily, without the need to coordinate with a lawyer through phone calls or emails.

Appointment Management in Control Panel

Organize, accept, reject, or cancel your appointments easily from a personalized dashboard.

Easy and Simple

Requesting appointments is now a quick and simple process, without the need for a phone call or unnecessary wait. Search, choose your lawyer, and request the appointment in two steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

CitAbogados is a platform that allows you to find lawyers in your city and request an appointment with them.

Yes, you can request an appointment online with a lawyer. In the lawyer's profile, you can see if they offer this service.

Requesting an appointment with a lawyer is free. The price of the appointment is set by the lawyer.

Currently, you can request 30-minute appointments. More options will be added in the future.

CitAbogados is free. You can create your profile and start receiving appointment requests from clients right now.